How To Use ShowingTime For Flat Fee MLS Florida Listing

How To Use ShowingTime For Your Flat Fee MLS Listing In Florida - List Now Realty

Hi, my name is Matt Buttner, I’m the broker and owner of List Now Realty and I just wanted to do a quick video on ShowingTime and why should be using it to schedule showings on your flat fee MLS Florida listing. It’s a free service that we provide. We don’t charge anything for it. We can set up ShowingTime for your listing so that it takes a lot of the problems that are normally associated with scheduling showings, and verifying the person that’s doing the showing, that kind of thing. It alleviates a lot of those problems and makes things a lot easier for you. It’s also super easy for agents to use, and typically flat fee MLS Florida listings that have ShowingTime set up get more showings than listings where they have to call somebody to schedule a showing.

What Is ShowingTime?

So basically what ShowingTime is is software within the MLS that schedules showings, and it takes a lot of the back and forth out of scheduling showings and it also is able to verify that the person requesting the showing is an actual agent, because only licensed agents are able to get on the MLS. So only a licensed agent is going to be able to access ShowingTime for your flat fee MLS Florida listing. So typically if you set up your flat fee MLS listing in Florida without ShowingTime, this is typically how it works. So let me switch over here and I’ll show you a listing.

Why You Should Use ShowingTime For Flat Fee MLS Florida

So here is a flat fee MLS Florida listing on the MLS here, and typically if you did not set up ShowingTime, we’re going to put your information down here in the realtor remarks, and that’s where the showing instructions go. Basically, it’s going to say contact so and so at this number for the lockbox code if the property is vacant, or it’s going to say call so and so to schedule an appointment, maybe if the property is occupied. That’s typically as far as it’s going to go if you’re not using ShowingTime for your flat fee MLS Florida listing. So the problem is when someone when you get a phone call from someone who wants to schedule a showing, or from someone who wants to get your lockbox code, you have no way of knowing whether that person is calling, whether they’re an agent. You don’t know if they are someone trying to, they saw the vacant house, they see those nice stainless steel appliances inside, you don’t know if they’re just trying to get the code to get the appliances.

There’s no verification there, and some people will say, “Well, I’ll just have them text me a picture of their business card.” Or, “I’ll have them text me a picture of their driver’s license.” Well, Photoshop exists, so that’s not always, I don’t trust that. Also, other people will say, “Well, I’ll just Google the phone number that called me and I’ll see if Google, the search result comes up to an agent if the phone number matches.” Well, there’s software out there that allows you to spoof phone numbers. So they can actually call from a different number and impersonate and make it look as if they’re calling from another number. So you can’t trust that either. ShowingTime is really the only way that you can actually almost a 100% verify that the person trying to set up the showing for your flat fee MLS Florida listing, or the person who wants to get your lockbox code is actually a licensed agent or a licensed real estate broker.

ShowingTime For Vacant Properties

Now, ShowingTime works two different ways based on whether your flat fee MLS Florida property is vacant or whether it’s occupied, and I’ll kind of run through both ways here. So typically if the property is vacant, and I deal with this a lot, I set ShowingTime up for all of my own properties. We flip houses, so we always have something listed, and typically it’s going to be vacant on a combo lockbox. So what we do is we set up ShowingTime, we put the lockbox code in ShowingTime, and we set it up so that it automatically provides the code to an agent who uses the ShowingTime button.

So let me who you the ShowingTime button, if you look on the flat fee MLS Florida listing, that’s right here, and all agents know this is the ShowingTime button. So they can click it, and this is my own listing so it’ll look a little bit different, but they can actually schedule a showing right here, they can see the lockbox code. It’ll provide them with the lockbox code but it also keeps track of who the agent was that viewed the lockbox code. So if we go over here, let’s see where is it at. Okay. So this is on the back end of ShowingTime. So in this particular property, this is a different property that’s also, it’s vacant on lockbox and we’ve set up ShowingTime. You can actually see, it keeps track of all these, all of the feedback from the listing. It shows you, this is all the activity down here. So you can see each showing that was scheduled for the flat fee MLS Florida listing, what time it was scheduled, the showing agent, who they are, how to contact them, all this stuff. Then for each showing, it automatically asks that agent, it follow up, follows up and asks them for feedback. So if they choose to write feedback, you can see here only a few of them, not all of them do, but the ones that do that have provided feedback, you can see the feedback here that they provided.

So typically you’re not going to get this if your phone number is just listed on the flat fee MLS Florida and it says, “Call so and so for a showing.” You’re going to have to keep track of all of this yourself, and it’s a lot harder that way. Also if you’ve got a house that’s vacant on lockbox like I do all the time, you don’t want to have to keep answering the phone trying to verify whether that person is an actual agent and then giving out the lockbox code to people, or remembering what the lockbox is. I’ll just be sitting at dinner, I’ll just get a text message from ShowingTime that says, “Hey, so and so has viewed the code and has scheduled a showing.” I’m like, “Great, I don’t have to do anything else.” So it’s really awesome in that regard. So you get fewer phone calls, it automatically asks for feedback. It verifies, it makes sure that the only people who were scheduling these showings, the only person who can click the ShowingTime button on the flat fee MLS Florida is a licensed agent, so you don’t have … It takes all that out of the equation when it comes to showings and flat fee MLS Florida.

ShowingTime For Occupied Properties

Now, if your flat fee MLS Florida property is occupied, ShowingTime, we can set it up a little bit differently. So what we’ll typically do. I’m expired here. What we’ll typically do is set it up so that ShowingTime will … It’s basically when the agent clicks the ShowingTime button here, it’s not going to give them the lockbox code obviously because the property is occupied. What it will do is it’s going to send you a text message or an email. Now let me show you, here is an example email that it’s going to send, and typically we set it up so that it will send you both a text message and an email. So this is what the email will look like. You’ll get this and it’ll say, “Showing requested.” And then it’ll show me as the listing agent, but it’ll allow you to either confirm or decline that showing, and you can see this agent, which it was me because I was just testing it, but set it up for Monday, June 24th, 10:00 AM to 10:15 AM and that’s the time that they’re requesting to see the flat fee MLS Florida property.

So if that works for you, great. You can press confirm. We can also put notes in there. So if it says, if you want them to call 30 minutes before or whatever, we can put that in there so that when the appointment is confirmed, it will actually provide them with that information. If your house, if you work all day and you want to put a lockbox code, or a lockbox on there with a code, we can do that as well. We can put that code in there so that once the flat fee MLS Florida showing is confirmed by you, once you click this confirm button, it will actually let the agent know it’s confirmed and they’ll give the agent the lockbox code for the flat fee MLS Florida listing if you want to do it that way.

So it’s pretty flexible. We can set it up for just about any situation you might have. Now, what happens if it doesn’t work for you, you can press decline, if it does, you can press confirm, but you can also propose a new time. So if you click this little link here, it’ll come up and let’s see here. And it’ll just let you know, like, “Hey just let this agent know when the flat fee MLS Florida home is available.” So you can type in any time after 3:00 or like it says here, or I’m not going to be home at that time, but if you can come by a little bit later how about that, stuff like that. So you can actually propose a better time and it’ll just give you some notes here and tell you how kind of go about doing it. So can either confirm, deny, or propose a new time. So it’s pretty cool and you can do all of this from your computer, you don’t have to call anybody, and it actually sends you a text message too, and you can either reply back with a text message yes or no, or you can click the link in the text message and propose a better time.

ShowingTime Setup For Your Flat Fee MLS Listing In Florida

So that’s kind of how it works if the property is occupied. Now once we set you up for ShowingTime for your flat fee MLS listing in Florida, you’ll get an email and the email will let you log in, it’ll give you instructions to set up your online account. So it’s free to sign up. Like I said, all this is free. So you’ll get into your online account and you can create a profile, and you can actually view your listing on here, and once you’re logged in, and you can see it shows the listing. It’ll keep track of your showing activity. You can see here all the activities. It actually shows you when the prices were changed, when it was a new flat fee MLS Florida listing, so you can say, “Well, after the price was reduced we got this many more showings.” Or something like that. Then here is the request that I just put in. It’s not been confirmed or denied yet, so you can actually do that. You can confirm or deny appointments in here. Then also you can go to your feedback, and there’s no feedback left for this one yet, but once your feedback starts coming in, you can view all that here. This is all on your end. You can do all of this without us.

Best Of All – We Give You ShowingTime For Free!

There’s also a mobile app you can download and actually the email you get when you first register, will actually tell you. Yeah, right here. You can download it for Apple or Android. You can download the ShowingTime app and you can actually access all in on there as well. So it’s really cool. Like I said, it’s free to use. We don’t charge anything for it. It’s all included in your flat fee MLS Florida listing. It’s definitely the way to go if you have a house that’s vacant on a combo lockbox. Just absolutely set up ShowingTime way easier. But even if your house is occupied, you can still use it to confirm or deny appointments for your flat fee MLS listing in Florida, keep track of who showed the property, all the scheduling stuff. It’s super easy. If you want to set up ShowingTime, when you go to list your flat fee MLS Florida property just let us know. When you come to the point where we ask you for showing instructions, just say, “Hey. Want to set up ShowingTime for my flat fee MLS Florida listing. Can you guys just set that up for me?” We’ll take care of it for you. Make sure you give us the lockbox code or just kind of describe to us how you’re going to handle the showings so that we can kind of set ShowingTime up the best way for you.

So if you have any questions about ShowingTime or flat fee MLS Florida, listings or real estate, anything like that, feel free to reach out to us. You can through to us on the little chat bubble on our website. You can email us, give us a call, whatever works best for you, and hopefully, this clears up a little bit about ShowingTime and shows you why you should be using it for your listing. Again, I’m Matt Buttner with List Now Realty, have a great day!

How To Use ShowingTime For Your Flat Fee MLS Listing In Florida - List Now Realty
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