Flat Fee MLS Listings vs. Traditional Home Selling Methods

When selling a home, there are numerous ways to do so. One option is the traditional route, such as listing the property with an agent and waiting for offers. Another option is selling to cash home buyers.

However, great options available today include flat fee MLS companies in Florida. This service allows sellers to list their properties on the local MLS, plus other benefits.

Keep reading to learn the differences between the flat fee MLS listings and traditional home selling methods. Get to know which of these methods works best for your property and situation!

Traditional Home Selling Methods

When selling a home the traditional way, you will need to find an agent. The agent will list your property and market it to get offers. Once an offer is accepted, the buyer’s agent will start the process of due diligence.

One of the traditional home selling processes is hiring a real estate agent, which includes giving them a 6% commission on the sale. You can also sell your house to cash home buyers. They’ll offer you cash for your property if it meets their criteria, but the price can be lower than you expect. 

Flat Fee MLS Listing

When listing your home with a flat fee MLS company in Florida, you will be able to list it on the local MLS and hundreds of public real estate websites; This gives your property more exposure to buyers. 

With some MLS flat fee listing companies in Florida, no hidden costs or fees come up later. You will get an upfront price for your property to be listed on all these websites, plus access to more resources. Sellers just need to be ready to work with a listing company.

The flat fee MLS method is quickly gaining popularity among sellers in Florida. By listing your house with this method, you can get benefits like getting a live receptionist to answer all the calls about the property you’re listing. This receptionist works 24/7 and redirects all inquiries to you.

List Now Realty: Your Trusted Flat Fee MLS Company

Interested in the flat fee MLS listing method for your property? List Now Realty is the best company within the state of Florida. We’re ready to list your property for the buyers to find you. Our team considers everything; that’s why we’re one of the most efficient flat fee MLS companies in Florida. Come and work with us today!

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