Flat Fee MLS Listing Florida: How to avoid paying 6% commission!

What is a Flat Fee MLS Listing Florida?

The typical process of listing your property for sale involves paying a real estate agent 6% commission to list your property on the local MLS. Everyone knows the MLS gives your property the exposure it needs to sell, but not everyone knows that there are less expensive options available for getting your property listed on the MLS.

Flat fee MLS listing Florida allows you to bypass the listing agent and list your property directly on the local MLS. You won’t pay a 6% commission to get your property listed. Instead, you’ll pay a low, flat fee to a flat fee MLS listing company like List Now Realty as well as a commission to buyers’ agents if they bring you a buyer.

The most common commission offered to buyers’ agents is 3%. That’s because most agents who charge 6% to list your property will offer 3% to other agents on the MLS and keep the other 3% for themselves. Even though 3% is the most common commission offered on the MLS, you’re free to offer whatever commission amount you would like. It can even be a flat fee, such as $2,500.

Who are Flat Fee MLS Listings for?

All sellers can benefit from flat fee MLS listings. However, the sellers who benefit the most are investors, house flippers, home builders, former real estate agents, and other experienced sellers. That’s because these types of sellers typically sell more properties than the average homeowner. Not only do they have more experience with selling houses, but they also end up paying more total commission throughout the course of a year.

While first time home sellers can use flat fee MLS listing Florida, we typically recommend that you sell with a full service real estate agent your first or second time around. Once you get familiar with the process, you can start using flat fee MLS listing Florida to save a ton of money on commission!

What are the benefits of a Flat Fee MLS Listing Florida?

The most obvious benefit of flat fee MLS listing in Florida is the huge savings on real estate commission. Because you only have to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent, you’ll end up saving about half of the typical commission. This can be quite a substantial amount on more expensive properties. In fact, we save our customers $1 million per year on average!

For investors, spending less on real estate commissions means higher profits on every deal. It also means investors can bid higher on properties because they don’t have the expense of a 6% real estate agent. That means more deals won and the ability to outbid other investors who are still paying 6% commission.

For FSBO, flat fee MLS listing Florida means more exposure for your property. Instead of just putting a FSBO sign in the yard and listing the property on Zillow, flat fee MLS listing Florida allows FSBO to get their property listed on hundreds of real estate websites without that need to manage them all individually. That’s because the MLS automatically syndicates listings to hundreds of websites. This eliminates the need to post your listing to hundreds of real estate websites, keep track of hundreds of logins, and make changes to hundreds of listings on hundreds of websites. One change on the MLS updates them all automatically.

Ready to list your property on the local MLS? We can help!

If you’re ready list your property on the local MLS with a flat fee MLS listing in Florida, you’re in the right place! List Now Realty is the leading flat fee MLS Florida company!

You can submit your listing directly on our easy to use website. It’s 100% online and paperless. You can even list your property from your tablet or mobile device!

We’ll get your property listed on the local MLS. We’re not middlemen like the national flat fee MLS listing companies, so we have actual access to the local MLS.

You’ll get the maximum exposure of the MLS, with syndication to hundreds of real estate websites, all easily managed with MLS syndication. No need for multiple logins or time consuming changes.

Automatic showing scheduling via ShowingTime is included for free. This allows real estate agents to automatically schedule showings without having to contact you. The system automatically ensures that the person requesting the showing is a licensed agent, and automatically solicits feedback from the agent afterwards.

We provide a live receptionist service that will take calls from buyers after hours and on weekends so that none of the inquiries on your listing go to voicemail. Our receptionists will be able to provide interested callers with your contact information, even if they call after hours on a Friday night or weekend.

Make as many changes to your listing as you want and upload the maximum number of photos at no extra change. We also give you free access to blank real estate forms if you need them.

Have a question or need advice? We’re here for you. Whether you have a question about an offer or run into a snag before closing, we’re hear to answer any questions you have along the way. All at no extra change.

Before you list, check out our 5 star ratings on Google and our Better Business Bureau accredidation. Did we mention all of the great testimonials on our website?

Whether you’re an investor or a homeowner looking into FSBO and flat fee MLS listing Florida, we can help get your property listed on the local MLS for a flat fee and save you thousands on real estate commission.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Florida: How to avoid paying 6% commission! | List Now Realty
Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Matt Buttner. I’m the Broker and Owner of List Now Realty and in this video I wanted to talk to you about flat fee mls listing Florida, who should be using a flat fee MLS listing, and then the benefits of flat fee MLS listings, and how we can actually help you out with getting your property listed on the local MLS.

So basically a flat fee mls listing Florida allows you to list your property on the MLS without a real estate agent. So typically, the typical way that a property is listed on the MLS is you’re going to take and contact a real estate agent. They’re going to charge you 6%, they’re going to put the listing on the MLS. They’ll offer 3% or whatever percentage to the buyer’s agent who actually brings the buyer, and then they’ll keep the other half for themselves. And it could be split any number of different ways. It doesn’t have to be 6% but 6% is definitely the most common.

So instead of paying 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent, what we allow you to do is list your property directly on the MLS. That way you only have to pay the commission to the buyer’s agent. You’re not paying the listing agent and you’re basically just cutting out the middleman and paying the agent that’s actually bringing you the buyer. So it ends up saving you about half on commission. So you’re not paying on average 6% commission, you’re paying usually 2 1/2%, 3% commission. Whatever you decide to to offer to the buyer’s agent. So it’s going to save you a ton of money, especially if you’re an investor or a house flipper or something like that. A home builder, somebody who’s doing a lot of volume and selling a lot of houses, this is going to save you just about 3% on every house that you sell.

So if you’re doing a lot of deals throughout the year, this is really going to affect your bottom line and really up your profit per deal, and actually it’s going to allow you to bid higher on properties and probably get more deals just because you’re able to bid higher than other investors on the same property because you’re only paying 3% to sell the property and other investors are paying 6%. So the investors in the know, they definitely use flat fee mls listing florida, at least all the ones that I know. And that’s because they all list with List Now Realty usually. Unless they have their own real estate license, those are the only guys that don’t. But next to having your own real estate license, flat fee MLS listings are the best way to go. Especially for house flippers, investors, home builders, people like that.

Now even if you’re a for sale by owner person, a seller who just doesn’t want to deal with finding a listing agent, paying 6% commission, going through that whole process, flat-fee MLS listings are great because they’re going to allow you to put your property on the MLS, which is going to give you not only the exposure of the MLS, but it’s also going to syndicate from the MLS. The MLS actually sends out your property in a listing feed to hundreds and hundreds of real estate websites.

So typically a for sale by owner, they’re going to put a sign in the yard, they’re going to list the property on Zillow. You might list it on another website, two or three websites, and a sign in the yard. Well, if you put it on the MLS with a flat fee mls listing Florida, that property is going to go to hundreds and hundreds of different websites. So your property is going to be syndicated across the web and in order to do that without listing on the MLS, you’d literally have to go to each individual real estate website, sign up, create a login, email, password, list your property there, move on to the next website. And then also if you want to make a price change, or if you want to rearrange the photos, or you want to change the description, post an open house, whatever it is, you’d have to go to every single site and do that a hundred times across all these different websites.

When you have your property listed on the MLS, if you use us to list your property, you just email us and say, “Hey, you know, let’s drop that price down a little bit.” We make the change on the MLS and it automatically changes across all of the real estate websites, which is going to save you a ton of time and aggravation. So whether you’re a house flipper, an investor, for sale by owner seller. Maybe you’re an agent who has an inactive license, or maybe you’re a retired agent who knows how the process works, you just don’t have access to the MLS. Or maybe you’re an agent in another state who has a property here, you don’t want to pay to get access here. You’re not licensed here, you can’t get access. Just contact us, Listnowrealty.com. Get your property put on the MLS and give it the exposure that it needs to sell.

So basically if you list with us, your property is going to go on the local MLS. We’re not middlemen. So a lot of these national companies, they just basically just take your money and take a cut of your money and then pass your listing onto a local broker. We don’t do that. We are the broker, I’m the broker. So we have actual MLS access to the local MLS. So we’re not middlemen. We’re going to give you unlimited changes, unlimited photos. We’re not going to charge you for access to a broker. If you need to talk to me, if you have a question, maybe you get an offer and you have a question about something on the contract, we will walk you through it. We don’t charge anything extra for that.

It’s a low flat fee. There’s no fee at closing. I’ve heard a lot of companies now are charging a fee at closing as well as the upfront fee. We don’t do any of that. One low flat fee gets you everything with List Now Realty. We’re going to give you, like I said, unlimited changes. We’ll give you access to blank forms.

One of the biggest things that we provide that a lot of other companies don’t do is we actually have a live receptionist service that will take calls after hours and on weekends. So a lot of other companies, if someone calls about your listing, it just goes to voicemail and then they’ll eventually forward you the voicemail or whatever. If they call on a Friday, you may not get that until Monday or Tuesday or who knows when. When you list with us and someone calls us regarding your listing, we actually have a live receptionist that picks up, takes the calls live, there’s no voicemail, and then that receptionist is able to provide the caller with your contact information right then right there.

So instead of that buyer leaving a message and then going around and trying to find an agent to show them the property, they’re going to be able to get in contact with you right away and it’s going to save you from possibly having to pay commission to an agent that was not in the picture until that buyer couldn’t get anybody to answer the call and then went and found an agent. So that’s a big deal.

Another thing that we do, our process is 100% paper-free. You can list your property with an iPad when you go through our website. You can take the photos with the iPad. Like literally people do this, we have sellers who they’ll go to the property, they’ll take the pictures with their phone or with their iPad, their mobile device. They’ll fill out the form, upload the photos right from the device to our website and make the payment and everything all while they’re at the property and then they’re done. They don’t have to do anything else. And then we’ll get the listing up on the MLS and then we actually send the listing agreement for electronic signature. You click a few buttons on your phone and you’re done.

There’s no faxing, printing forms, signing them, scanning them, sending them back, none of that. We make it very easy. It’s all mobile friendly, right on our website. And then also on our website, we’ve got five star Google reviews. We’re Better Business Bureau accredited. We’ve got a ton of great testimonials on there for you to take a look at. These are all people that we’ve helped that have been ecstatic with our service and the process that they went through to sell their house. Just happy, happy people. We love a great testimonial. So definitely go take a look at them.

And all of this for one low flat fee. We don’t charge tiers. Basically one flat fee gets you everything with us. We don’t nickel and dime or charge a fee at closing, none of that. So if you think we can help you out, if you’d like to get your property on the MLS for a flat fee, definitely get on our website, Listnowrealty.com. Submit your property information. If you have questions, you can go through the little chat bubble or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you. We’ll help you get your property listed on the MLS for a flat fee and give it the exposure that it needs to sell.

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